Anderson Creations

Cedar Breaks Glory

An amazing spectacle! The deep red of double-reflected light in the shadows makes the sandstone appear to be on fire!

Cedar Breaks Sunset

Sunset in red rock country brings out the full colors and gives a brilliant contrast to the dark forests nearby.

Along Icefields Parkway

A beautiful overview of the Icefields Parkway, near Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Saddlebag Lake North End

Saddlebag lake can be accessed from Route 88 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. A small cafe serving home made pies also offers water taxi service to the north end of the lake, for hiking up into the alpine valleys.

Jackson Lake Morning

A beautiful fall morning in the Grand Tetons National Park overlooking Jackson Lake and the beautiful Grand Teton Mountain chain.

Mexican Sunset

An beautiful and colorful sunset in Mexico. The unusual violet colors mixed with the oranges and yellows make a glorious contrast against the blue sky.

Columbia Lake BC

A beautiful view of Columbia Lake in British Columbia with cloud-wreathed Rocky Mountain background.

Fall in Grand Teton National Park

A glorious fall in Grand Teton, with ducks on their way south. Mount Moran in the background.

Grand Teton Sunrise

A panorama of a glorious sunrise in Grand Tetons National Park. Jackson Lake is in the foreground.

Mount Moran Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise on Mount Moran, in the Grand Tetons National Park. Jackson Lake can be seen in the foreground.

Cathedral Group Grand Tetons

Following the park road to Jenny Lake is quite an experience. Looking at the mountains across Jackson Lake is majestic, but as you approach Jenny Lake, the mountains rear up and get close and personal. It is hard to convey in a photograph this spectacular view.

Grand Teton Autumn Reflections

A grand view of the Grand Tetons, from the Oxbow Bend turnout. The fall colors was peaking, and the wind was very low, providing a wonderful opportunity for an excellent reflection.

Waterpocket Fold Sunset

The Waterpocket Fold is a primary feature of the Capital Reef National Park in Utah. This amazing geological formation is shown in part here at sunset. The entire fold is over 100 miles in length.

Zion Canyon Overlook Panorama

a spectacular view of the Zion Canyon from the overlook on Route 9 - the eastern entry to the park.

Cathderal Valley Sunset

Cathedral Valley is near Capital Reef National Park in Utah. The entire area is red rock country. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is required to get into this valley for views such as this.

Storm Over Yosemite

A deep darkness covers much of Yosemite Valley as the storm approaches. The Upper Falls shows a heavy spring flow. Sun still shines on the distant mountain tops.

Alpine Meadow Pond

A high desert meadow pond, near Saddlebag Lake, which is located between Lee Vining/Mono Lake and Yosemite National Park. This area is accessible via a ferry across Saddlebag Lake from the resort, followed by a high altitude hike.

Three Alpine Lakes

Hiking from the dock at the far end of Saddlebag Lake in late spring gives spectacular views of many lakes as you go higher and higher into the mountains. Here, Saddlebag Lake is in the background, with the ferry returning to the resort.

Alpine Reflections

A beautiful hike above Saddlebag Lake, between Mono Lake and Yosemite National Park. Take the ferry from the resort across the lake, and hike up to the many beautiful lakes above Saddlebag. This is the first large lake on the trail.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil Side

A view of the main Iguazu Falls World Heritage Site from the Brazil side, overlooking the Iguazu River.

Andes Mountain Surprise

As we were driving along a dirt road on our way to a disappointing waterfall in the Andes Mountains, we ran across this amazing scene of Red Hot Pokers along a mountain lake.

Sedona Spring Snowstorm

A spring snowstorm in Sedona created this panoramic view of snow on red rocks.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona

A panorama of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, late afternoon sun.

Confluence of Salmon River and North Fork

A panoramic view of the confluence of the Salmon River, North Fork, into the main river body. This river intersection is about 30 miles west of North Fork, ID, on NFD 030.

Tuolomme Meadows

A beautiful panorama of Tuolomme Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Taken in June, the snow is still on the mountain peaks. The Tuolomme River in the foreground is still running rapidly with snow melt.

Iguana Falls Late Afternoon

A late afternoon, near sunset view of Iguazu Falls. A man on far left, and a crowd on far right give perspective of the size of the waterfalls.

Iguana Falls Panorama

A wide panorama of Iguazu Falls, falling into the Iguazu River, taken from the Brazil side. The right side of the river is Argentina. Size can be gauged by the people in the foreground (bottom left) and along the top on the Argentina size.

Mono Lake Tufa Sunset West

This photo is a companion to the Mono Lake Tufa Sunset photo, this photo facing west a few minutes after the other photo was taken facing east. Both views are spectacular and quite different.

Mono Lake Tufa Sunset

This amazing sunset was a gift! I was there when it happened, but I was there many times when it didn't. This panorama was captured with 6 portrait shots and merged into a single image. If you look carefully at the top of the leftmost rock, you will see some seagulls - one sitting on the next, the other guarding the nest. At the time I shot the images, I was so blown away by the sunset, I didn't even notice the birds... The tufa formations were caused by volcanic gas bubbling up from the bottom of the lake. Mono lake is extremely salty, similar to the Dead Sea, where there are no outlets, only water flowing into the lake. A companion photo, taken in the opposite direction (west) is also available.

Lundy Canyon Sunset

Lundy Canyon is north of Mono Lake a few miles on Rt. 395. The lake was created by beavers, and you can see some of their handiwork along the opposite shore.

Roman Colosseum

A visit to Italy and Rome is like going back into history. Here we view the Colosseum, an amazing structure from the Roman Empire and the "free entertainment" era during the decline of Rome.

Steelhead Lake, near Saddlebag Lake, California

Here is the full sweep of Steelhead lake, accessible by hike from the far side of Saddlebag lake in California, near Yosemite National Park. Over 10K pixels wide, it shows the breathtaking beauty of this lake, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To access this trail, take a boat ride across Saddlebag lake. And, while you are at it, eat a piece of the amazing pies offered at the little store on Saddlebag lake!

Capital Reef Sunset Trail

Beautiful sunset light on the red rocks in Utah's Capital Reef National Park. I love the secondary reflection of red light on red rocks, giving a deep and brilliant color as if the rocks were red hot.

Long Canyon Sunset

Capital Reef contains some amazing sights. This was the end of the road for us, as sunset was almost on us. The brilliant colors of the rock in the panoramic view from the cliff we were parked on was truly astonishing!