Anderson Creations

Carson River Snowscape

A beautiful snowscape taken along the Carson River, along Rt. 88 near the Carson Valley. This is located in California near the Nevada border, in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Carson Valley Sunset

A beautiful view of Carson Valley from Kingsbury Grade (Rt. 207) from Lake Tahoe to Minden, Nevada. The yellow-orange sunset colors blend well with the reflected blue from the sky on the mountains.

Sierra Nevada Spring Thaw

The snow had melted, mostly, but ice can still be seen in the Carson River West Fork in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near Route 88.


A beautiful and serene river during spring thaw. Late afternoon sun streaming through a forest onto a beautiful section of the West Fork of the Carson River makes a wonderful sound, smell, and sight, a delight for the mind.


Rocks, ice, water, sun, reflections. Serenity. Picture standing on the bank of the Carson River West Fork, listen to the gurgle of the river as it flows over the rocky bed.

Forest Sunstream

Late afternoon sun, streaming through the forest onto a tributary of the Carson River is a delight to the senses. Ice still surrounds the island as the warming spring has yet to completely remove the vestiges of winter.

Sierra Nevada Fall Splendor

A beautiful fall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, along Route 88.

Moonset, Sunrise on Carson Mountain

It is not too often I get up early enough to get a moonset, but here we have the first light from the sunrise on the Carson Mountain Range, with the moon setting just above the mountain peak.

Country Living

Country living in East California in the foothills of the Carson Mountain Range. This is the Carson River flowing out of the mountains along route 88, which connects Carson Valley with central California.

Raindrops on Roses

Just a simple but beautiful pink rosebud after a spring shower. Ah, the smell!