Anderson Creations

Moon Shadows

A fall tree backlit by bright moonlight

Lundy Canyon Winter

Lundy canyon is located just north of Mono Lake, accessible from Rt. 395. The canyon has a small stream, which is blocked at various places by beaver dams. This visit was made in the late winter, with snow still on the mountains.

Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park

Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, along route 120 from Lee Vining offers many stunning scenes in different seasons, weather, and lighting.

Beaver Pond

A multi-tone of trees felled by beavers to create a beaver dam in Lundy Canyon, north of Mono Lake, in eastern California.

Sierra Nevada Winter

A beautiful winter duotone of the East Fork of the Carson River, along Route 88 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Valley of Fire Bush

An interesting view of mountains in the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. A sagebrush in the foreground is brightly lit by the sun, making a powerful image against the mountains and dark sky in the background.

Sandstone Formations in the Valley of Fire

A colorized black and white of sandstone formations in the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Death Valley in Multitone

Taken in Badwater Basin, Death Valley in the spring of 2007, this multitone creation displays the incredible beauty of even the most inhospitable locations.

Valley of Fire

A beautiful image from the Valley of Fire, near Lake Mead and Las Vegas in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. The dramatic gray scale and deep blue sky make this image pop.

Salmon River Confluence with North Fork

Here, the North Fork of the Salmon River meets the main body of the Salmon River, about 30 miles along NFD 030 out of North Fork, ID.

Sand Trails in Death Valley

Death Valley is a magical place. The famous sand trails that appear in the salty sand at Badwater Basin are mysterious in origen.

Death Valley Nightmare

A view of Death Valley in multi-tone with mountains, dunes, and a doom sky.

Haunted House

An interesting sight in Bennington, Vermont: the Haunted House of Bennington. While we did not see any ghosts while we were there, we certainly understand why it is considered haunted. I'll meet you there at midnight...