Anderson Creations

Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park

Temple of Sinawava, showing the Preacher and the Pulpit formation along the Riverside Walk of the North Fork of the Virgin River, in Zion Canyon National Park, Utah, December 5, 2011

Bryce Canyon in Snow

Bitter cold but amazingly beautiful combination of snow and red and orange strata in Bryce National Park, Utah

Trail of the Cedars, Glacier National Park Waterfall

This amazing little waterfalls is hidden along the Trail of the Cedars, along the Road to the Sun, in Glacier National Park. The trail is in the west portion of the park. This view was perfect with the angle of the sun. Less than 20 minutes later, on the way back, it was dark, as the sun moved on. I felt very fortunate to have been there just at the right time, and that I didn't say "I'll shoot that on the way back..."

Moon over Bryce Sunset

Bryce Canyon is one of my favorites, but with snow highlights, a brilliant sunset, and the moon overhead, the result is truly amazing. I actually could not believe my eyes! The color was so intense, it had to be fake! Well, no, it is real. WOW!

Seasonal Yosemite Park Falls

A springtime diamond of a waterfalls along the route 41 inside Yosemite National Park. This falls is seldom seen, but shows up after a thaw or substantial rain

Glacier National Park Near Logan Pass

Beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Montana inside Glacier National Park. This photo was taken during a hike from Logan Pass.

Arches National Park Question Mark Rock

This unusual rock formation can be viewed along the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park. Our hike was late afternoon, with the sun low in the sky, giving the red sandstone a beautiful color.

Arches National Park Sunset

We were on our way home, driving toward the park exit, when we spotted this amazing view of sunset on red rocks. This telephoto shot was at last light, taken after running down a path as fast as I could to get a good view before it was gone forever. You can even see an arch or window on the left side.

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

Hiking in the direction of the west entrance of the park from Logan Pass, you enter a deep valley that is truly spectacular. The hiking trail can be seen along the right side of the valley, about halfway up.

Zion Canyon Waterworks

This is a wonderful example of the amazing creations from running water on sandstone. This was taken on Route 9 coming into Zion Canyon National Park from the east, from Bryce Canyon.

Glacier National Park, Logan Pass

A view of the mountain peaks near Logan Pass along the trail from the top.

Canyon Reflections

Sunset in Zion Canyon National Park. The last sun on the red rock of the canyon walls reflected in the water of the Virgin River. Deep blue sky is reflected on the rocks, giving a beautiful contrast with the golden reflection.

Bryce Sunset Arch

Winter snow on red rocks in Bryce Canyon National Park gives many great photo opportunities. Combine that with a sunset and you can get some amazing shots! This arch, which reminds me of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Kolob Surprise

Racing against the setting sun, we finally made it to Kolob Canyon Road. We had minutes before we would lose the sun, and we had no idea what to expect. Surprise! Stop the car, RIGHT HERE!!!! WOW! What a scene!

Storm Over Yosemite

A deep darkness covers much of Yosemite Valley as the storm approaches. The Upper Falls shows a heavy spring flow. Sun still shines on the distant mountain tops.

Yosemite Falls Sunset

Yosemite Upper Falls from the valley, with the last light of sunset after a storm.

Half Dome from Mirror Lake

Half Dome is often viewed in photographs from across the valley floor. Here, the view is from far below, across Mirror Lake. This lake is not very mirrorlikek any more, as they have allowed unrestricted growth of the plant life since this was taken.

Zion Canyon Overlook Panorama

a spectacular view of the Zion Canyon from the overlook on Route 9 - the eastern entry to the park.

Waterpocket Fold Sunset

The Waterpocket Fold is a primary feature of the Capital Reef National Park in Utah. This amazing geological formation is shown in part here at sunset. The entire fold is over 100 miles in length.

Mirror Lake

A beautiful foggy day in Yosemite National Park. This is Mirror Lake, reflecting Half Dome before the park rangers allowed this area to go wild. Now, it is just a marshy mess.

VIrgin River Sunset

A view of the Virgin River North Fork, deep inside Zion Canyon. The sun is shining up the canyon as it sets to the west.

Double Reflection

Red rock gets even redder - a deep glow that appears to be physically hot - when the reflected sun from red rock is then reflected off other red rock. It gets even better at sunset. Here, moments before sundown, we have an unusual chance to capture that glow.

El Capitan Sunbeam

Rays of late afternoon sun highlight El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

Yellowstone Lower Falls

The Lower Falls of Yellowstone Grand Canyon, from Artist Point on the South Rim Drive, near Canyon Village.

Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park has a number of areas that are wonderful to visit and photograph. Here, we see the hot springs at Mammoth, with steaming volcanic water streaming down to create these living formations. The colors come from the microorganisms.

Upper Terrace Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace

Hot Spring Reflections

An active hot spring in the Upper Terrace of Mammoth Hot Springs.

Death by Hot Springs

Dead trees and dead hot springs, a stark reality on Yellowstone National Park.

Mammoth Hot Springs

One of the few large hot springs that is still active and growing in Yellowstone. This one is located in the Upper Terrace area.

Living Formations in Yellowstone

Amazing living formations from flowing hot spring water from deep underground Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Teton Autumn Reflections

A grand view of the Grand Tetons, from the Oxbow Bend turnout. The fall colors was peaking, and the wind was very low, providing a wonderful opportunity for an excellent reflection.

Gibbon Falls

A wonderful waterfalls along the Gibbon River, which flows into the Madison River on its way to West Yellowstone and the Pacific Ocean.

Yellowstone River Upper Falls

A view of the Upper Falls on the Yellowstone River, within the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, near Canyon Village (from the north rim drive).

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

A deeply yellow canyon of the Yellowstone River, showing the Lower Falls in the distance.

Madison River Sunset

Late afternoon light on Madison River and the Yellowstone forest near Mt Haynes in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon is a magical place. While not as deep as the Grand Canyon, it is quite grand indeed. The rock formations, such as the one shown here, are quite distinct from other canyons.

Sunset Fishing Madison River

A great time for fishing! This is the Madison River, in Yellowstone National Park.

Cathedral Group Grand Tetons

Following the park road to Jenny Lake is quite an experience. Looking at the mountains across Jackson Lake is majestic, but as you approach Jenny Lake, the mountains rear up and get close and personal. It is hard to convey in a photograph this spectacular view.

Mount Moran Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise on Mount Moran, in the Grand Tetons National Park. Jackson Lake can be seen in the foreground.

Grand Teton Sunrise

A panorama of a glorious sunrise in Grand Tetons National Park. Jackson Lake is in the foreground.

Jackson Lake Sunset

A spectacular sunset with the Grand Tetons behind Jackson Lake.

Sunset Sunbeams Over Jackson Lake

Watching a sunset at Jackson Lake, in the Grand Teton National Park

Last Light, Photographer's Dream

A wonderful view of the last sunlight on the Grand Tetons, and a photographer busily capturing what he sees.

Mount Moran

A wonderful view of Mount Moran through the trees, with a cove of Jackson Lake in the foreground.

Canyon River Sunset

Zion Canyon National Park - seldom seen at sunset, where the contrasting beauty of the sun on red rocks and the intense desert blue sky are reflected on the valley floor and Virgin River below.

Fall in Grand Teton National Park

A glorious fall in Grand Teton, with ducks on their way south. Mount Moran in the background.

Jackson Lake Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise over Jackson Lake in the Grand Teton National Park.

Road to Zion Sunset

Entering the park near sunset gave us a wonderful opportunity to capture amazing scenes along the Virgin River in Zion National Park.

Yellow Stone in Yellowstone

Yellow it is. This is from suffer deposits, as you can see in the foreground. This is a view of the Yellowstone River's Lower Falls, from Artist Point on the South Rim Road. The yellow color is intensified by double reflections of sunlight.

Lower Falls, Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon is a beautiful and amazing canyon within the park with two beautiful waterfalls. This is the most attractive one, the Lower Falls, viewed from Artists Point on the South Rim Road.

Utah Desert

A typical view of the desert within the Arches National Park, with the red rock, mountains in the distant, and desert plants thriving in nearly full desert conditions.

The Wall at Arches National Park

One of the first areas you come upon from the entrance of the park, a truly amazing wall of rock. Here, in mid-day, the deep shadows and bright sun enhance the contrast with bright orange.

Black River in Death Valley

An unusual view of black rock indicating a flow of some kind. The contrast with the surrounding desert and mountains makes quite a contrast.

Slot Canyon Sunset

A Death Valley slot canyon at sunset. Relaxing with your photos of the day in the cool of the shade in the canyon.

Borax Deposits in Death Valley

The bright white areas in the distant mounds are borax deposits. Borax mining was a big business in the old west.

Eden's Garden in Arches National Park

A very late red sunset on red rocks is a combination to amaze your eyes!

Tuolomne River in Yosemite National Park

A late afternoon view of the Tuolomne River in Tuolomne Meadows, part of Yosemite National Park, along Tioga Road, Route 120.

Grand Autumn at Grand Tetons

An absolutely gorgeous day at the Grand Tetons - at the peak of the fall color season, with brilliant colors reflecting in the Snake river with Mount Moran in the background.

Jackson Lake Morning

A beautiful fall morning in the Grand Tetons National Park overlooking Jackson Lake and the beautiful Grand Teton Mountain chain.

Lower Falls Overlook

A beautiful view of the Yellowstone Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park, showing the overlook, taken from Artists Point.

Cedar Breaks Sunset

Sunset in red rock country brings out the full colors and gives a brilliant contrast to the dark forests nearby.

Cedar Breaks Glory

An amazing spectacle! The deep red of double-reflected light in the shadows makes the sandstone appear to be on fire!

Capital Reef Sunset Trail

Beautiful sunset light on the red rocks in Utah's Capital Reef National Park. I love the secondary reflection of red light on red rocks, giving a deep and brilliant color as if the rocks were red hot.

Long Canyon Sunset

Capital Reef contains some amazing sights. This was the end of the road for us, as sunset was almost on us. The brilliant colors of the rock in the panoramic view from the cliff we were parked on was truly astonishing!

Last Rays

Looking south from Kolab Canyon in Zion Canyon National Park at sunset, the last rays of sun in deep red striking the red rocks against a background of evening mists is a wonderful expression of peace and tranquility.

Kolab Canyon Sunset

Kolab Canyon is located in the northwest portion of Zion Canyon National Park. This view is looking south from the road end with the last rays of the setting sun striking the deep red rocks of the canyon.

Route 120 View

Driving to Yosemite National Park from Lee Vining and Mono Lake requires driving up a steep mountain road along a deep valley carved by the Lee Vining river.

Grand Teton Jackson Lake Sunset

The Grand Tetons are certainly GRAND. No matter where you stand and gape at the majestic peaks, they will fill you will awe.

St. Mary's Lake, East Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has two "sides" separated by a very long "Going to the Sun" highway through the mountain peaks. This lake is found in the easternmost part of the park.

Logan's Pass

Logan's Pass is at the highest elevation for the Going to the Sun road through Glacier National Park. There are many wonderful views and hiking trails to enjoy.

On the Way to Jenny Lake

Traveling from Jackson Lake to Jenny Lake is quite an experience. The mountain scenery is truly incredible. Here is just one of many.

Jenny Lake Rainstorm

Jenny Lake is on the southern end of the Grand Tetons National Park, and is ringed by sharp peaks with multi-colored rocks.

Morning Has Broken

Mount Moran in Grand Teton National Park is one of the most photographed peaks in the park. Here, the sun is just beginning to show through the clouds in early morning light.

Amazing Rock Formations

No doubt a geologist could go on and on explaining how these different formations were formed over many years. But that does not take away the truly amazing formations - it's hard to believe they just happened!

Sand Worn Tree in Bryce Canyon

An amazing tree, worn by blowing sand from the red sandstone rock, in Bryce Canyon. Taken in 1994.

Clouds Over Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon has many different moods. Here you see the cloudy mood. The red rocks stand out in an amazing way against the dark green forests in the subdued light.

Double Red Down Canyon

Bryce Canyon looks quite amazing from down below, on the trail, up close to the huge rock formations. Here, you see the "double red" effect, with reflected red light being reflected again by rocks out of the sun, giving that red-hot rock appearance.

More than Just Red

The brilliant colors in Utah red rock country include many other shades, as well as brilliant white, as seen in this photo. The tall structures are called "hoodoos"

The Pyramid

Shot in 1994 using Kodak Gold 100 film, this rock formation in Bryce Canyon can only be seen from the hiking trail on the canyon floor.

Rocky Mountain High

High up in the Rocky Mountain National Park on a hiking trail is this beautiful lake under a sharp glacier-cut peak. Shot in 1999 on Kodak Gold 100 film. Created from four portrait photos.

Yosemite Valley Sunset

From this view, you can see El Capitan (left), Half Dome (center left), and the Yosemite Valley forests. To the right, unseen here, is Bridal Veil Falls. Some of this is no longer visible due to recent forest fires. This photo was taken using my Canon Elan camera and Kodak Gold 100 film in mid 2000.

Half Dome Sunset

A beautiful view of the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, from a mountain-top hiking trail during sunset. Captured in 1999 using Kodak Gold 100 film.