Anderson Creations

Vermont Fall Country Road

A beautiful back country road in Vermont during the fall color season.

Autumn Foliage

A glorious walk along a country road with fall colors

Sunshine and the Old Tree

It is always an amazing experience to come upon a scene lit magically by a golden ray of sun coming through the treetops. It is a magical moment: capture it quickly before it is gone!


Every so often, you get to witness an amazing sight of sunlight and clouds. Here, a sunbeam is shining down on a small Utah town.


An abandoned building in glorious late afternoon light

Grand Canyon Parashant Sunset

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument extends the area of the Grand Canyon National Park northward. The landscape is littered with red boulders. Late sun gives a purple cast and golden glow to the background mountain.

Louise Lake in Banff National Park

The blue cast of glacier-fed lakes is caused by the dissolved granite rock in the water. It was a rainy, foggy day when this photo was taken.

Columbia Lake BC

A beautiful view of Columbia Lake in British Columbia with cloud-wreathed Rocky Mountain background.

Kootenai National Park

A cold wintery day along route 93 in Kootenai National Park in BC, Canada.

Canadian Glacier National Park

A beautiful view of mountain peaks in the Canadian Glacier National Park, with cloud-darkened meadows, snow, and fog

Moyie Lake, BC

Moyie Lake is south of Cranbrook, on Route 3. With a brilliant sun shining through the clouds, the foreground is nearly a silhouette.

Bighorn Meadows

A marsh and meadow in Radium Hot Springs.

Mexican Sunset

An beautiful and colorful sunset in Mexico. The unusual violet colors mixed with the oranges and yellows make a glorious contrast against the blue sky.

Waterwheel Reflection

A beautiful stone hydro-electric generator reflecting in the river below.

Mountain Lake in Snow

A beautiful view of a small, frozen lake along Sinclair Creek on Route 93 in the Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.

Mountain Sunset Sunbeam in Fog

Driving through the mountains at sunset can get you some pretty amazing sights. Here we see a late sunset sunbeam blazing through fog onto a fog-shrouded mountainside.

Mountain Sunset Sunbeam

Sunset in the mountains! WOW! What an amazing experience to be there just at the right time to capture Nature's amazing display! Captured along Route 93 in the Kootenay National Forest near Radium Hot Springs, BC

Sinclair Creek Waterfall

A tiny but beautiful waterfall along Sinclair Creek, in the Kootenay National Forest near Radium Hot Springs, BC.

A Slice of Sunset

A slice of sunset against tall mountains... Yes, those are "trees in the sky" - which shows you how high the mountain is behind the clouds... Taken from Route 93 in the Kootenay National Forest/

Midnight Sun, Aalesund Norway

Waiting for the coastal steamer in Aalesund, Norway to return us to Bergen, we watched the midnight sun move across the horizon. Amazing!

Backcountry Autumn

Fall foliage in Vermont can be truly breathtaking This is taken along a small country road during the peak of the season.

Along Icefields Parkway

A beautiful overview of the Icefields Parkway, near Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


An amazing mix of reflected and refracted light on a glacier lake gives a truly amazing span of colors! Glacier water is usually green in color, and of course reflected light from clouds and blue sky, along with the algae and lake bottom brings this inspiring result.

Icefields Parkway Waterfall

An unnamed but beautiful waterfall along the Icefields Parkway in British Columbia, Canada

Athabasca River

a beautiful view of the Athabasca River in Alberta during a rain storm.

Country Store

A typical Vermont Country Store, selling veggies from local farmers.

Country Store Beans

Shopping in a country store in Vermont. Charming!

Country Store Squash

Yes, stores like this Country Store in Vermont still exist.

Country Store Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals in a country store in Vermont are somewhat different than the ones you might find in, say New York or LA...

Antique Store

A great set of antiques in a country store in Vermont. Nice layout!

Brooms! We Got Brooms!

Display of merchandise in a country store is quite different from what you find in Walmart...

Pirate Ship Excursion

A fun excursion on a pirate ship - great fun for the whole family!

Money Talks!

This is NOT an old castle, built centuries ago on Lake Pend O'reille. It is a recent construction by a wealthy man who dreams of living in previous times of glory. Actually a landmark on the lake near Sandpoint, ID, quite amazing to look at!

Long Bridge Sunset

Smokey sunset light on the Sandpoint Long Bridge, with smoke-filled sunset sky. Taken from Sandpoint Dinner Cruise, Sagle ID in the background.

Sandpoint Railway Bridge Moonrise Sunset

Late smokey sunset light on the railroad bridge connecting Sandpoint to Sagle, Idaho. Sandpoint is the "grand central station" for trains in the northwest.

Butchart Gardens Summer Glory

So many flowers, so many arrangements, so beautiful!

Butchart Sunken Gardens

An area that drops into a hollowed out section of what once was a quarry is filled with the sunken gardens. Beautiful layout, textures and colors!

The bouquet

A single blossom is a bouquet. Butchart Gardens is full of flowers that surprise and delight.

Red, Violet, and White

The amazing colors of various gardens within Butchart Gardens are on display in this photo, showing white, violet and red. The artistry of color mixing and color zoning is truly magnificent!


Driving through the Canadian Rockies is always a beautiful experience, This photo was taken at some unnamed lake along one such route. The reflections are just beautiful!