Anderson Creations

Iguana Falls rainbow

World Heritage Site, Iguazu Falls, on the border between Brazil and Argentina. This is from the Brazil side.

Viña Del Mar, Chile

A beautiful view of Viña Del Mar, north of Valparaiso, Chile. Many high-rise apartments overlook the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. This view is from a outcropping of rock into the Atlantic a few miles north of the city.

Santiago Sunset

A beautiful sunset over Santiago, Chile, taken from an apartment house window.

Iguana Falls Late Afternoon

A late afternoon, near sunset view of Iguazu Falls. A man on far left, and a crowd on far right give perspective of the size of the waterfalls.

Valparaiso Chile Street Art

Another amazing painting on the hilly streets of Valparaiso, Chile. The painted stairs are fairly common.

Street Art, Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso Chile is a city filled with street art. This particular work caught my eye during my visit in 2012.

Iguazu Falls World Heritage Site

This is a few of the over 1000 waterfalls in this World Heritage site, including of course the main Iguazu River Falls (not shown).

Andes Mountain Surprise

As we were driving along a dirt road on our way to a disappointing waterfall in the Andes Mountains, we ran across this amazing scene of Red Hot Pokers along a mountain lake.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil Side

A view of the main Iguazu Falls World Heritage Site from the Brazil side, overlooking the Iguazu River.

Staircase Falls

Iguazu Falls, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, is a steamy jungle with cliffs and waterfalls that go on for miles. Here, two layers give a staircase waterfall into the Iguazu River below.

Glacier Lake in Andes Mountains

A beautiful glacier-fed lake with a backdrop of the Andes Mountains on the border between Chile and Argentina.