Anderson Creations

Lundy Canyon Beaver Lake

A beautiful lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in a canyon just north of Mono Lake on Rt. 395.

Mono Lake Tufa Sunset

This amazing sunset was a gift! I was there when it happened, but I was there many times when it didn't. This panorama was captured with 6 portrait shots and merged into a single image. If you look carefully at the top of the leftmost rock, you will see some seagulls - one sitting on the next, the other guarding the nest. At the time I shot the images, I was so blown away by the sunset, I didn't even notice the birds... The tufa formations were caused by volcanic gas bubbling up from the bottom of the lake. Mono lake is extremely salty, similar to the Dead Sea, where there are no outlets, only water flowing into the lake. A companion photo, taken in the opposite direction (west) is also available.

Steelhead Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains

A beautiful lake high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Yosemite National Park. Start by taking a water taxi across Saddleback Lake, then hike for about an hour to get to this pristine alpine lake.

Tuolomme Meadows

A beautiful panorama of Tuolomme Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Taken in June, the snow is still on the mountain peaks. The Tuolomme River in the foreground is still running rapidly with snow melt.

Desert Bloom, Superstition Mountains Arizona

While the desert is a harsh environment, it is also quite beautiful at the right time of the year. The desert in and around the Superstition Mountains in Arizona are quite beautiful in January. I love the pink sand, the many flowering plants, with the rugged mountains in the background.

Icefields Parkway Waterfall

British Columbia in its Rocky Mountain glory! This is an unnamed waterfall along the Icefields Parkway, between Banff National Park and Jasper National Park

Fall Water Reflections

A brief hike around a like off of South Canyon Road south of Payson, Utah during the fall display of colors brought this beautiful scene. The brilliant aspen yellow and dark evergreen against a blue sky reflected in the wind-roughened water is quite spectacular.

Lundy Canyon Sunset

Lundy Canyon is north of Mono Lake a few miles on Rt. 395. The lake was created by beavers, and you can see some of their handiwork along the opposite shore.

Mono Lake Tufa Sunset West

This photo is a companion to the Mono Lake Tufa Sunset photo, this photo facing west a few minutes after the other photo was taken facing east. Both views are spectacular and quite different.

Along the Columbia River, British Columbia

A rainy day in the Rocky Mountains, along the Columbia River. A beautiful view of the river against the snow-covered mountains in the background with spring flowers and trees in the foreground.

Confluence of Salmon River and North Fork

A panoramic view of the confluence of the Salmon River, North Fork, into the main river body. This river intersection is about 30 miles west of North Fork, ID, on NFD 030.

Canadian Rockies along the Icefields Parkway

This spectacular view of snow-covered mountain peaks along a mountain lake alpine meadows, and pine forests is just one of many views you can experience along that parkway.

Salmon River Fork

The Salmon River North Fork empties into the Salmon River in the Salmon National Forest, Idaho.

Hope Valley Winter Aspen in Snow

A brief moment of the setting sun through clouds lighting up the left side of the aspen trees, with snow plastered on the right side, giving a beautiful contrast and glow. Shot in Hope Valley along Rt. 89.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona

A panorama of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, late afternoon sun.

Sedona Spring Snowstorm

A spring snowstorm in Sedona created this panoramic view of snow on red rocks.

Bodie Ghost Town

One of many houses still standing in Bodie, a ghost town in eastern California desert. Bodie is located north of Mono Lake, off of Rt. 395.

Windows 1800s Style

Who says that they didn't have great architecture in the 1800's wild west? Here is one amazing window in Bodie Ghost Town, in eastern California, north of Mono Lake.

Birds Eye View of Salmon River Confluence

A view of the Salmon River confluence with the its North Fork, about 30 miles west of North Fork, ID on NFD 030, which you can see along the Salmon River on the right. Taken from a DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Last Light on Red Rock

Utah is an amazing place. This photo is actually not inside the Bryce Canyon National Park, but nearby. We left the park to return to our hotel, when we saw this sight at the side of the road. The last sunset light was shining through a dip in the mountains, and the color was spectacular. Enjoy!

Moonrise over Fire Rock

Deep sunset in red rock country can be a truly mind-blowing experience.

Farm in Ruins

Traveling around Zion National Park, we came upon this ruined farm. There are many such buildings in the Old West.

Zion Country

Driving in southern Utah is a photographer's dream come true. Everything is beautiful - there is no end to photo opportunities. This view was in the vicinity of Zion Canyon National Park.

Road to Kolob

Most visitors to Zion National Park visit the main canyon, and do not venture northwest to Kolob Canyon, at the northwest extreme of the park. This photo was captured on the road to Kolob Canyon.

Golden Light

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument is to the north of Grand Canyon itself, and has some unique colors. Here, the last tiny amount of sun is coming through a dip in the mountains to the west, lighting up the top of the ridge above the red rocks, strewn on the ground in the foreground.

Desert Road

A road among the sand dunes and sandstone formations

Desert Beauty

Living in the desert, or being stranded in the desert, that is not a pleasant thing. But visiting the desert, and enjoying its beauty is a welcome experience. This is a typical scene in southern Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Last Light

The Grand Canyon - Parashant National Monument is located north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Here, the golden last light is shining through a mountain notch at sunset behind red boulders.

Grand Canyon Parashant Sunset

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument extends the area of the Grand Canyon National Park northward. The landscape is littered with red boulders. Late sun gives a purple cast and golden glow to the background mountain.

Alpine Reflections

A beautiful hike above Saddlebag Lake, between Mono Lake and Yosemite National Park. Take the ferry from the resort across the lake, and hike up to the many beautiful lakes above Saddlebag. This is the first large lake on the trail.

Three Alpine Lakes

Hiking from the dock at the far end of Saddlebag Lake in late spring gives spectacular views of many lakes as you go higher and higher into the mountains. Here, Saddlebag Lake is in the background, with the ferry returning to the resort.

Alpine Meadow Pond

A high desert meadow pond, near Saddlebag Lake, which is located between Lee Vining/Mono Lake and Yosemite National Park. This area is accessible via a ferry across Saddlebag Lake from the resort, followed by a high altitude hike.

Cathderal Valley Sunset

Cathedral Valley is near Capital Reef National Park in Utah. The entire area is red rock country. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is required to get into this valley for views such as this.

Driftwood in Lundy Canyon

Lundy Canyon, just north of Mono Lake along Route 395 in eastern California, is the home of many beavers, busy making dams. This is just one of the many sets of drifting logs in the stream bed in the canyon.

Calf Creek Canyon Reflections

Calf Creek is deep in the canyons of the Escalante National Monument, near Bryce Canyon National Park. The monument was created to prevent drilling for oil.

Mountain Refreshment

Woods Lake, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along Route 88, is a wonderful place to get away from the bustle of vacationers running too and fro... This image represents a refreshing and restful stop along the lakeside.

Life Goes On

Forests are filled with life and death. Here, a dead and weathered tree trunk gives life to moss and insects among the living trees. Location: Sierra Nevada Mountains along Route 88.

Hidden Beauty

Waling along a forest path will reveal wonderful and hidden beauty that is easy to miss. Sometimes, just stopping and looking carefully around your feet will reveal a hidden gem that you nearly missed.

Who, ME?

This duck finally realized I was looking at him, so he returned the favor. Taken on Lake Tahoe beach (South Lake Tahoe)

Utah Mountain Autumn Sunset

I love the sunset light on aspen in the fall! The contrast of white and brilliant fall colors, against a mountain background is always stunning.

Utah Sunset

A red sunset in the mountains south of Provo, Utah

Hidden Spring in Hope Valley

A tiny spring-fed stream in fall foliage in Hope Valley, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The surrounding forest is blazing yellows and oranges, casting a beautiful glow on everything.

Majestic Sierra Nevada Spring

A majestic sweeping panorama of the Sierra Nevada mountains in late spring/early summer with snow fields and waterfalls in the distance

Alpine Sunset Reflections

A beautiful sunset in the Sierra Nevada mountains, on a small lake near Lee Vining.

Saddlebag Lake North End

Saddlebag lake can be accessed from Route 88 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. A small cafe serving home made pies also offers water taxi service to the north end of the lake, for hiking up into the alpine valleys.

Bodie Ghost Town Street Sign

A worn and beaten down street sign in the Bodie Ghost Town in Eastern California

Volcano Sunset

A glorious sunset at Mono Lake volcano craters, highlighting the red sandstone rocks in the foreground lit by the rays of the setting sun.

Lost Dreams

Just one of many abandoned homes near Mono Lake, established during the gold rush. Like the Bodie Ghost Town, abandoned long ago when dreams turned to ashes.

Mountain View

A home built during the gold rush era, along with Bodie Ghose Town. This one is located near Mono Lake, and has a fantastic view of the Sierra Nevada mountains in its back yard. Abandoned, lost dreams and hopes, now only viewed by the occasional photographer and the mountain.

Lundy Canyon Spring

A beautiful springtime in Lundy Canyon, just north of Mono Lake. The lake is the result of extensive beaver activity. Mists are rising from behind the mountain, from the high humidity in the air. The lush growth is from very rich soil and moisture.

Springtime in the Sierra Nevadas

A beautiful reflection of the brilliant blue sky in a beaver lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Route 120 View

Driving to Yosemite National Park from Lee Vining and Mono Lake requires driving up a steep mountain road along a deep valley carved by the Lee Vining river.

High Sierra Springtime

A beautiful lake against the North Peak of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the far side of Saddlebag lake, accessible via Route 88 and ferry.

High Sierra Summer Store

An approaching storm in the High Sierras.

Borax Mine Cart and Tanker

Remember Boraxo and 20 Mule Teams? That was mined from Death Valley. Many of the old structures and implements to those bygone days are here for viewing in Death Valley.

Salmon River, North Fork

A beautiful river flows through Idaho. Here is just one of many views of this natural beauty.

Lake Pend O'reille Sunset

A forest fire smokey sky sunset over Lake Pend O'reille at Sandpoint, ID

Sunset of Fires

Forest fires nearby and in British Columbia fill the sky with smoke, creating beautiful sunsets, such as this one of the Sandpoint Long Bridge from the cruise ship nearing port after a 2 hour dinner cruise on Lake Pend O'reille.

Peaches and Sunset

Forest fires create the conditions for fabulous sunsets. This one is over Sandpoint, ID near the start of the Long Bridge, taken from the lake cruise ship.

Mono Lake Tufa

A great image from an amazing lake, in eastern California along route 95.

Swinging Bridge of Kootenai Falls, MT

A thrill for the adventurous, This bridge will give you a ride you will not forget!

Purple Defined

Bright sun on beautiful flowers at Sea Ranch, California

Desert Surprise

The Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument is north of the Grand Canyon, and is mostly dark and light browns. But then, you come upon an orange surprise! Lying right in the middle of ho-hum brown and more brown are beautiful red rocks! Amazing!

Monument Valley Sunset

Monument Valley is mostly on Navajo land, and has been the scene of many western films and TV series. This photo was taken from the Visitors Center at sunset in 1994.

The Fisherman

A lone fisherman on a mountain lake in the Sierra Nevadas. This was captured in 2000 using a Canon Elan camera and Kodak Royal Gold 200.

Tufa Sunbeam

A brief moment: a sunset sunbeam touches part of a tufa on Mono Lake, California. Shot in 2000 with a Canon Elan using KODAK GOLD Super 200 Gen 4.

Tufa Shadows and Sunset

a brilliant combination of golden sunset light on bushes and plants against a tall tufa and tufa window on a Mono Lake sunset. Captured in 2000 using KODAK GOLD Super 200 Gen 4 film.

Mono Lake Tufa Display

Tufas, over 16 feet tall in places, dominate the scene here on Mono Lake in Eastern California. The brilliant sunset light on the various foliage against the dark blue water is quite a beautiful effect. Captured in 2000 using KODAK GOLD Super 200 Gen 4 film.

Sunset Reflections

A view like this sometimes appears magically as you are driving along minding your own business. Always carry a camera with you!!!

Reflecting Splendor

The combination of fall color, a beautiful stream, sunset, and a reflecting stream fills any photographer with excitement: can I capture it before it disappears? In this case, yup! This image uses auto DRO bracketing, HDR assembly, and photo finishing using Aurora HDR and Luminar.

Twin Rivers View

Kootenai River Overview near Moyie Springs and the Twin River Road. The Moyie River runs into the Kootenai River right behind the drone. Below is the Twin River Campground.

Sandpoint Long Bridge

A view of the Sandpoint, Idaho Long Bridge from City Beach

North Fork Idaho View

The North Fork of the Salmon River in eastern Idaho, near the little known town of North Fork. The confluence of the Salmon River and the North Fork can be found by taking NFD30 west from North Fork.